Joseph Williams is the primary practitioner, with guest healers and teachers present at special events.

Initially trained in the 1970’s in Encounter Groups, Gestalt Therapy and Neurolinguistic Programing, he soon initiated meditation and Hatha Yoga practices and immersed himself into the Consciousness Raising Movement and Community on the West Coast at Esalen in Big Sur, in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Ojai. Various “psychic” training and Human Energy Field work was included.

Over the next 10-15 years his work evolved as a kind of entrance into the world of Shamanism and other ‘Traditional’ practices. With years of study with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and Michael Harner, and the Alethia Foundation, with Jack Schwarz, as well as teaching and ceremony in Nepal, Egypt and Guatemala and training and personal experiences in Tibetan, Newahri, East Indian, Sami, Navaho, Tuvan and Brazilian practices, he has developed a deep appreciation of or ‘kinship’ with these rich Traditional and expansive forms.

His synthesis of these practices allows them to be more accessible to Westerners.

Schedule of weekend workshops and trainings.