Counseling Services

These are structured in two hour sessions to allow for the development of trust and to provide the time to move more fully into one’s experience and to enhance integration, all the while relaxing the mind’s stranglehold on self and experience.


Traditional, Shamanic Ceremony
Physical Conditions or Dis-ease
Problem solving
Relationship Issues
Insight into and changing one’s personal themes or patterns
Exploring and modifying belief systems
Creative expression through drawing, story and poetry for personal insight
Dream work
Guided journeys

Shamanic Healing

A cross cultural orientation toward these rich Traditional practices and ceremonies is used. For those who may be unfamiliar with these, preparatory experiences are utilized so to better access and integrate the work.



Soul Retrieval- the integration of parts of one’s self which have been separated and protected in past circumstances; a move toward Wholeness.

Energy Field/Extraction Healing- the clearing of and balancing in the Human Energy Field; removal of intrusions and blocks, balancing and harmonizing.

Power Animal/Teacher/Nature Spirit Accessing or Retrieval- acquisition or retrieval of a helping/guardian Spirit and teaching about developing the relationship.

Psycho-Pomp- assistance with the dying process and after death; ‘moving along’ the Soul’s journey or path and related reconciliations for all.

Divination- the accessing of personally relevant information and/or inspiration and insights about future travels and undertakings.

Note: Some of the above are applicable for animals [Extraction, Psycho-Pomp, Divination].


Human Energy Field and Psychic Healing and Balancing

The practices used are to not only better attune the energy field and primary chakras, but to learn self balancing techniques for personal health practices.


Chakra Balancing
Breathing Patterns for Ecstatic States and Self Control
Relationship De-cording
Grounding Practices
Guided Journeys into the “Imaginal’ realm


Experiential Workshops and Special Events

These are scheduled on a periodic basis and will be announced through this site.

These include:

Tibetan Initiation
Egyptian Initiation [pre-Islamic]
Journey to Shangri-La
Search for the Holy Grail
Fire, Water and Earth [connection, healing and integration within the ancestral line]
Death and Rebirth
Shamanic Journeying Instruction and Healing Practices



Collaboration with Allied Health Professionals and Healing Arts Practitioners [Physicians, PAs, FNPs, Acupuncturists, Psycho-Therapists, Alternative Practitioners, Body Workers] to better assess and treat their clients/patients. This does not necessarily require the participation of the client/patient, just their permission.

Adjunct training is offered to the various Health Practitioners who are interested in enhancing or expanding their treatment skills set.

Journey insights and teachings about a personal issue or situation are available through this site at $60 each. Please see Contact page to initiate a request.